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Culture and heritage . Culture . Heritage

Windows open to culture… In a few clicks, you are projected to listen to the sound of the owl in the middle of the South African bush or swoon over the leontocephalus sculpture of Burdigala! Culture, painting, or adventure, here is our Top 5 exhibitions or online visits to museums in the Bordeaux metropolis.

Aquitaine Museum

4 years of history at your fingertips

You no longer have access to the cozy spaces of the rooms of the Musée d'Aquitaine, but the collections take over your living room. And if you want to deepen your knowledge, there are nearly 7 digitized works, with a multiple and varied search engine: by name (of object or work), by place (of discovery or illustrated place), by author , by subject, etc. Children are not left out with online games and workshops, the library and its suggested books, and a video of the current exhibition. Quick, we click:

bordeaux musée

Museum of Fine Arts

When art breaks the screen

The entire collection of the Museum of Fine Arts is online with the 8 digitized works, from the 200th to the XNUMXth century. Have fun zooming in on the details of the prints, litho and colored canvases. Videos are also online on the highlights of the museum in order to see or review the works of Goya, Redon, and Marquet. A museum and various possibilities, in order to best cultivate the art of staying at home.

Museum of Bordeaux

Hakuna Matata

If you say Savannah, it's The Lion King that comes to mind followed by the elephant, the cheetah, the warthog, the majestic giraffe, the rhinoceros and a herd of zebras. But can you tell the difference between a sandhill crane and a Cape hyrax? With "Africa, wild savannah" like these two species, the Museum stages in a virtual and sound exhibition, the animals of the savannah of East Africa: savannah, water point, nocturnal environment … it will make noise!

City of Wine

To share without moderation

Boarding for a little world tour of wine from here and elsewhere, through travels and experiences, are you coming? For regulars of the Cité, fans of the genre and the curious who want to rub shoulders with it, here are some well-chosen excerpts from podcasts to listen to and videos to enjoy.

Vinocité*, to listen to
– world: Trip to Lebanon,
– science: winemaker naps,
– society: the vineyards of Bordeaux, an exceptional heritage,
– oenology: discovering Mendoza…

Videos, to savor
– oenology: the climates of Burgundy,
– art: the eye of the photographer – Anaka
– history: how was the Château d'Yquem born?
– science: INnovation…

And more !

*Vinocité, is broadcast every Saturday at 10:05 a.m. on France bleu Gironde.

Decorative Arts Museum

Freeze on images

The “Skype” evenings on Thursdays will be shortened: each week designers and curators hold a salon for podcasts around the collections. And to make you wait, you will find well-chosen videos of current and past exhibitions: "Playground", "Memphis"... All the leisure to stay caught up as long as you wish, in front of a pair of sneakers or an opaline vase .

Good exhibition to all.