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Top 10 natural sites on the Girondin coast

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Holidays on the coast are synonymous with well-being, relaxation, relaxation on the ocean beaches or by the lakes. It is also an opportunity to discover exceptional natural spaces.

Here is our Top 10 of the most remarkable natural sites on the coast:

1- The Grand site of the Dune du Pilat

Dune du pilat Gironde

Ce Great Site, offers an incredible belvedere of the Bassin d'Arcachon. All year round, commented tours are proposed for the general public and families to understand the formation of this natural monument of 110 m (unique in Europe!) backed by the Forest of Landes de Gascogne.

2- The Domaines de Certes and Graveyron

The sensitive natural areas of Certainty and Graveyron estate allow you to discover another facet of the Bassin d'Arcachon: a place of tranquility for birds.

3- The Leyre delta at Teich

The Leyre ends its journey through the Landes forest in the form of a delta where fresh water meets the salt water of the Bassin d'Arcachon. Not to be missed under any circumstances Teich Ornithological Reserve and house of nature.

4- The Cousseau pond nature reserve

Here is a site where the change of scenery is guaranteed. The Cousseau pond nature reserve allows you to discover a very diversified fauna and flora around the 50 ha pond.

5- The nature reserve of salt meadows in Arès and Lège- Cap Ferret

Ce beautiful space straddling two municipalities, located north of the Bassin d'Arachon, is the largest area of ​​salt meadows in Aquitaine (200 ha). Do not miss the visits offered by Alexandre, naturalist guide at Arès Tourist Office.

6- The Hourtin Dunes and Marshes Nature Reserve

A landscape of dunes and pine forest punctuated by marshes and a lake: this is the marvelous setting of the Hourtin Dunes and Marshes Nature Reserve. To do: educational path from the Contaut lagoon where a wooden platform allows you to cross the marsh.

7- The Banc d'Arguin Nature Reserve on the Arcachon Bay

During a boat trip or from the top of the Dune du Pilat, you can admire this sandbank classified as a nature reserve since 1972. It is the largest on the Gironde coast and extends at low tide over 4 km long and 2 km wide. Located at the entrance to the Bassin d'Arcachon, transformed by the tides, it is in constant motion.

8- The salt meadows is at the Teste de Buch

It's not just the Dune du Pilat at La Teste de Buch. It is also possible to walk through the salt meadows located next to the oyster port and discover the interpretive trail. The Tourist Office also offers guided tours.

9- The coastal path in Gujan Mestras

Le coastal path connects the 7 ports of Gujan-Mestras in a preserved natural environment. It can be traveled alone or during visits offered by the Tourist Office.

10- The managed nature reserve of Lacanau

The Managed Biological Reserve of Vire Vieille, Vignotte and Batejin covers 215 hectares on the east bank of the Lacanau lake. There is notably a swampy forest with its gently sloping dunes. The reserve sector is divided into five plots. In order to communicate and make a small part of the area accessible to the general public, a pedestrian and educational path has been set up: the Berle trail.