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The wonders of Bazas

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Follow us for a gourmet getaway to Bazas, emblematic city of South Gironde between heritage, nature and traditions.

When we think of Bazas, we immediately think of the splendid cathedral or the “Feast of fat oxen”, where the animals parade covered with crowns and flowery ribbons. But do you know the other curiosity of the city, the one that harmoniously mixes tradition with the pleasure of the taste buds? Philippe, a local child, meringue lover, has made his passion the emblematic dessert of the city. He developed a mold in the shape of a shell, to pay homage to the cathedral inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the routes to Santiago de Compostela. The little marvels come in all colors and remind us of the flavors of childhood: violet, marshmallow or even strawberry. In the land of the vineyard, meringue is also tinged with unexpected flavors such as Lillet and Saint-Croix-du-Mont. The marvels of Bazas are to be tasted, installed on the terrace, a breathtaking view of the facade of the Saint John the Baptist Cathedral or to take away on market day to fill your backpack before going on a hike.

Flavored meringue of “Bistro Saint-Jean"
42 Cathedral Squaree 33 BAZAS

Many walks from the Cité. 

We have a soft spot for Nature trail of Lac de la Prade (9km), which is the first nesting site for gray herons in all of New Aquitaine. With binoculars, near the lake in the observatories, you could well meet them! Well hidden, in the middle of this natural and enchanting site, you will be able to see the birds up close in their natural and wild habitat. 

The second, On a walk in Bazas is for lovers of old stones, it is a walk (1km) in the medieval streets of the city with its gardens, its ramparts and its hidden treasures. This circuit between past and present takes you from the majestic hall, to the Poterne to the Promenade de la Brèche.

For more info: South Gironde Tourist Office