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The Forest of Contemporary Art in Gironde

Turtleneck & Shellfish, Vine Leaf & Bikini . Walks. Culture . Nature . Heritage

Let's go for a unique walk in the heart of the Forest of Contemporary Art in Gironde! Put on your trainers and go for a completely perched encounter between nature and culture.

A naked giant in a pond, multicolored chewing gum 3 meters high in the middle of the forest, a mirror for the vegetation... did you say contemporary? If you doubted it, we tested it! The Forest of Contemporary Art extends over the Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park and allows you to punctuate your Sunday digestive strolls, or to punctuate your hikes with a touch of originality for the more adventurous... 

For us, the adventure with a capital “A” begins as soon as we arrive in unknown territory, in the middle of vineyards and muddy paths with the inscription “No service, network unavailable”. Needless to say that preparation (at least psychological) is necessary before launching an assault on the 21 works, scattered over 336 hectares of forests, lakes, paths and other environments hostile to white sneakers and urban accessories in all kind. 

First stage, The Horizon Mirror in Audenge. The sound of water flowing between the trees, the distant ringing of cowbells, the shy little chirps of birds… and in the middle of all this commotion: the mirror. It sublimates the trees with its reflections which intertwine with those of the water.

After this little walk, (we spare you the details of the car which does not restart), direction Salles. Along the bike path, the work three nameless , timeless, elegant, like a guardian of the forest: it's impressive!

La Forêt d’Art Contemporain en Gironde - Salles
Nameless Three – Halls

Our second meeting clearly brightened our day. At the Barp facing the whole Colors, we smiled.

La Forêt d’Art Contemporain en Gironde - Le Barp
Colors – The Barp

It is in beauty that our adventure ends, in Luxey, in the Landes, in front of Hello Apollo. The giant Apollo as fallen from the sky, half submerged in water. As comfortable in their nudity as ordinary mortals are on their beach towel, admiring the beauty of the coast (Atlantic of course)… No prying eyes! 

La Forêt d’Art Contemporain en Gironde apollon
Hello Apollo – Luxey

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