Enjoying Bordeaux means strolling along the quays, photographing the reflections of the Place de la Bourse in the water mirror or admiring exceptional flora and fauna in the Botanical Garden. 0€ activities to do without moderation.

You understood it here we offer you good plans to enjoy our beautiful Gironde capital.

  • Backpackers, the Bordeaux City Pass is made for you. It will give you access to the main museums and monuments, as well as transport and many discounts in the city and the vineyard. Ideal for a Bordeaux Wine Trip worthy of the name.
  • Athletes, V3s are yours! Self-service bicycles available 7 days a week and 7 hours a day, they will be your allies to explore the metropolis up and down.
  • Adventurers? The Bat3 will surprise you. This river shuttle connects five pontoons: Place Stalingrad (Bastide district), Place des Quinconces, Hangars, La Cité du Vin and Lormont, at the foot of the Aquitaine bridge, the “French Golden Gate”. A mini river cruise for the price of a tram ticket!
  • wine lovers, the “city & wine package” will delight you. It includes a 2-hour visit to Bordeaux and a tasting of 2 wines (a red Bordeaux and a white Bordeaux), at the CIVB wine bar. More info on: www.visiter-bordeaux.com

Yes, you are spoiled for choice! It's up to you to choose your desire to wander around Bordeaux.