Guided tour: When Street Art seduces the Chartrons


This is not just a stroll among the works of the neighborhood, but a real story! Through this visit, you will understand how the Chartrons district managed to enlarge the city of Bordeaux at a pivotal moment in its history. A place of prosperity in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, this former trading district, highly coveted for its proximity to the quays, contributed enormously to the glory and wealth of the Gironde capital. Today, it is urban artists who covet its surfaces, with works of Street Art scattered everywhere, coloring its already charming streets.
 From the quays of the river to the village of antique dealers, passing between the old cellars, you will discover the work of various artists recognized in the middle of our days, such as CLET, A-MO, Mr Poulet and Alber. This artistic and visual exploration will be punctuated by stories taken straight from the history of this charming district, allowing you to (re)discover the Chartrons in a fun and original way.