HEAT ALERT: In the current context, as a precaution and taking into account the measures taken by the government, the events presented in this section are likely to be canceled. We invite you to contact the organizers directly for more information. Be careful and take care of yourself.

Festivals in Gironde are synonymous with encounters. A meeting between a place, artists and the curious. Whether in the fields of the Gironde countryside, in the Bordeaux parks, on the quays or even in the heart of the Gironde heritage, let yourself be surprised by the diversity of the arts.


9 results

9 results)

Festival of the 40 years of Lous Pignots

From 09/07/2022

Metropolitan Summer

From 16/07/2022

Le Pougnic Festival

From 30/07/2022

The Night of the Stars

Le 06/08/2022

The Night of the Stars


Festival Perform

Le 19/08/2022

Festival Perform


Gujan Thrillers Festival

From 24/09/2022

Gujan Thrillers Festival

gujan mestras