The vineyard in Gironde is somewhat our trademark. Of course there are many other facets to discover, but when you come to the “Bordeaux region”, you especially like to discover castles. And there are many nuggets. The owners full of genius, offer us many animations, more unusual than the others!

If I tell you that at Chateau Rayne Vigneau, on the Bordeaux Wine Route in Graves and Sauternes, we play Koh-Lanta to taste Sauternes 10 m above the ground, and we leave with our bottle after an assembly workshop, do you think I'm crazy? And yet ... less than 45 minutes from Bordeaux, we discover a property full of fun, pleasant and magical.

Throwback to a day with friends, completely unusual, which leaves us with sweet memories...

So high up!

As soon as we arrive, we discover the small baskets, and the tree where we will taste the Sauternes from above*. For me who have vertigo, as much to tell you that I am not reassured! Vincent (the Ciron thread instructor) tries to reassure us. He tells us about the sensations when tasting wine from a height. I play it cautious (me the Pierre Richard of the group) and keep my feet on the ground, for the moment...

"The view must be earned" of course, but you have to climb, and climb again. Thanks to the ingenious system that Vincent Gallé took the time to explain to us, it's just a helping hand. The efforts will be quickly rewarded when arrived at the top, 10 meters higher, the castle of Rayne Vigneau welcomes us with all its splendor.
Up there, everything is calm and peaceful. The wind, the light and the leaves surround us. The senses are awakened when you are with your feet in the void and your head in the clouds. The golden nectar then reveals all its aromas and each sip can be appreciated for its sweetness and power.
At the time of going down, we just wish we could stay a little longer. So we close our eyes to better remember this exceptional moment when nature will have given us all these secrets.

Once the friends have been received downstairs, we visit the cellars in order to arrive in the pretty reception room, where our assembly workshop is quietly waiting for us.

It's me who did it !

After having played Tarzan, here we are in “Once upon a time the man… who creates his bottle of Sauternes”, for my greatest pleasure. On the program of the workshop, various tests in order to become familiar with the oenological vocabulary. And with our emotions, felt when we smell/taste products. In order to learn how to refine our sense of smell and describe the sensations on our palate. After the tasting, discussions and laughter, it is, unfortunately, time to leave this beautiful place.

It's really an unusual outing idea to do with friends, family (children are allowed to climb the tree). Perfect for a bachelor party girl (or boy!).
In terms of price, it remains affordable: €49 per perched tasting, and €85 for the assembly workshop.
To make sure you don't miss anything, go to the castle's website:

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*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.