Porte Cailhau


The Cailhau gate (Historic Monument) or Gate of the Palace, was built in the 1495th century to celebrate the victory of Charles VIII, at Fornoue (Italy) in XNUMX, in which Cardinal d'Épinay, Archbishop of Bordeaux and part of the Bordeaux nobility.
This monument happily combines defensive elements (location of the portcullis and deadlock on the 1st floor, machicolation crowning, crenellated gallery, wooden shutters on the second floor) and decorative elements (windows and skylights, steeple and conical roofs covered with slate). On the quay side, there is a statue of King Charles VIII in the center, on his left the statue of Cardinal d'Epinay and on his right that of Saint John, patron saint of the Jurade.

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