From myth to reality, space has always been a dream. To Pools of Lights, when the show begins, it only takes a few seconds to be propelled into the middle of the galaxy. To begin this gigantic show, hundreds of stars projected from all sides disappear to make way for the great space odyssey. You are the hero of sixty years of space exploration in the heart of the solar system. Caught up in the magic of music and light, you enter an immersive 40-minute journey like Thomas Pesquet, ready to touch Neptune, Venus, the rings of Saturn or the craters of Mars stretching out before your eyes. . There is nothing like the unusual site of the former Submarine Base, a remnant of the Second World War, transformed by the magical play of spotlights into a concrete spaceship to receive this ballet of stars, meteorites and planets. 

Les Bassins des Lumières is also the temple of painting in XXL format. The chilly of museums will appreciate, subjugated, the colors reflected in the water and the shapes dancing to the rhythm of the chosen music. Of "Canaletto to Monet“It's an entire Venice that is in turmoil and art that is becoming more democratic. The submarine base, rehabilitated into the largest digital center in the world, resounds to the sound of sound chords that respond to the light tables, to the delight of an already conquered public. 

The Pools of Lights - Impasse Brown de Colstoun – 33300 Bordeaux
From 6 years old and accessible to people with reduced mobility
Open every day from 10 a.m. to 20 p.m., Monday to Sunday

“Venice, from Canaletto to Monet” until January 2, 2023
“Destination Cosmos” : exclusively from October 21 to November 19,
Monday to Saturday from 17:15 p.m. to 21:30 p.m., last entry at 20:45 p.m.
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