Loops of the Arcins-Soussans marshes

Distance: 11,5 km
Duration: 1h50
Difficulty : Easy
Departure: SOUSSANS
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)
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Here, the varied landscapes orchestrate the life and biotopes of its inhabitants.
Two hiking loops meander through the marshes of Arcins and Soussans, making up the vast imagination of wild and remarkable nature. Here, the varied landscapes orchestrate the life and biotopes of its inhabitants: we pass from wet meadows to woods and reedbeds in a few moments. There is rare and protected fauna and flora: angelica estuaries, summer snowflakes... In addition to migratory birds which find a natural refuge there, we observe otters, pond turtles Damselfish, amphibians and kingfishers... With patience, you can even surprise them from the observation tower. You can also access the floating gate which allows you to understand the constant regulation of water levels in the marshes...

Your itinerary


Departure from the laundry car park

The municipal laundry of Soussans built in limestone freestones in the 1839th century (the date of XNUMX still appears on one of the beams of the framework) has the particularity of having a chimney, which allows at the time of its use to boil water while being protected by the roof. A channel and valve system allows the washhouse to be supplied with water from the nearby stream or to empty the dirty water.

Step 2

Cross the ford above La Louise and turn right on the Moulina road towards the S&P Favin butcher's shop.

Step 3

At the crossroads, turn left in the direction of the town center by the rue des veterans, you pass near the Château Haut Breton Larigaudière. At the stop sign, turn right and cross Route de Pauillac at the pedestrian crossing opposite the town hall. Cross the town hall square and walk towards the Saint-Romain church, a neo-Gothic church with a pointed bell tower built in 1873.

Step 4

Turn at the first street on the right rue Alfred de Luze in the direction of the port. On your left, the castle La Galiane, continue straight on rue de Marsac. On your left the Château La Tour de Mons, a little further on the right the Château Deyrem-Valentin, an XNUMXth-XNUMXth century charterhouse.

Step 5

Follow the street to the crow's feet and turn left from the cross, Route de Meyre in the middle of the vineyards for 750m. On your left in the middle of a bend, take the white path towards the marsh (path prohibited for motorized vehicles), and pass in front of an old stone well with a pointed roof dating from the second half of the XNUMXth century.

Step 6

At the next crossroads, turn right, straight ahead you reach the floating gate. Follow the path which curves slightly to the left.

Step 7

From the parking lot, follow the white path to the west towards the place called La Faisanderie. Turn left at the second pass, then left again to return to the starting point. This part of the loop decorated with interpretation panels will be an opportunity to rediscover the fauna and flora of the marshes as a family. On the route, an observation tower will allow children to gain height to scrutinize or contemplate the forest and its inhabitants.

Step 8

Go back to step 6. At the crossroads, turn right. On this path bordered by meadows and vineyards, you can contemplate various wild plants such as laburdana (a kind of purple thistle) and teasel (a bluish thistle also called "the cabaret of birds" because of its ability to give food and drink). , bindweed (white flowers), and butterfly species such as the marsh copper.

Step 9

Continue on this white path until the next intersection where you will follow the path on the left for 500m (on the right, 200m away, view of the Estey de Tayac from the "red bridge") until the bridge on your left which takes you takes you back to the GrandSoussans district via a road lined with vines. You have the possibility by reservation to visit and buy wine at Château Grand Tayacou at Clos de Bigos. At the corner of this denier, turn right rue des Tastes and follow the road for 300m before taking a path in the woods on your left for about 400m. Carefully cross the D2 to return to the starting point of this walk

Points of interest

La porte à flot

The door afloat