Salt meadows, between land and sea

Distance: 10 km
Duration: 3h
Difficulty : Easy
Departure: ARÈS
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Go to the Prés Salés nature reserve and cross this space with its different landscapes (reservoirs, forest, salt meadow, dunes...). The footbridge that blends into the landscape allows you to cross the canal des étangs and access the part that the locals call the "desert".
Practical information: bicycles and animals strictly prohibited.

Your itinerary


Departure from Port Oyster

From the starting point, take the path that runs along the basin on the left and the fish tanks on the right.

Fish tanks

Go along the reservoirs and pass the locks. Near the locks, an interpretation table explains the usefulness of the reservoirs.

The gateway

Leave the "trout" bridge on the left and continue.

The path of the salt meadows

Go along the remains of the old ball trap and the reedbed before venturing into the wooded dune, to the interpretation table.

The path

The trail takes you to Jane de Boy.

Points of interest

Port Ostréicole d'Arès

Arès Oyster Port

Les réservoirs à poissons

Fish tanks

La passerelle

La passerelle

Le chemin des prés salées

The path of the salt meadows