Saint-Laurent-du-Plan big loop

Distance: 8 km
Duration: 1h30
Difficulty : Easy
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A gentle stroll between vineyards and pastures. At the bottom of the village, a valley typical of Entre-deux-Mers, before the expansion of the vineyard will surprise you with its bucolic side.
Recommended departure from the picnic area to the east of the village, on the edge of the stream at the crossroads of St Exupéry. To see the typical Romanesque church with its gabled bell tower.

Your itinerary


Leaving the picnic area

Take the D131E2 towards Morizes - La Réole, at the top of the hill turn right at the first intersection

Bassac Road

at the top of the hill turn right at the first intersection, then straight for 1,5 km

crossing the North Peak

after 1.5 km you arrive at a flared crossing, turn right, you cross a small wood then arrive at a new crossroads

Crossroads after the wood

200 m after the wood, at the crossroads, take the paved road to the right for 700 m until you reach the D672E3

crossing on the D672E3

when going up a valley, turn right on the D672E3, then follow it for 1 km before turning left into a marked path

Path between D672E3 and D123E14

after 1 km you arrive near a livestock farm, on the left a marked limestone path goes up between the trees, follow it to lead to the D123E14 then turn right

Exit on the D123E14

At the end of the path on the departmental road, turn right for about 600 m to arrive at an intersection in the bend, turn left

Charrier Direction

In the bend, turn left towards the place called Charrier to join the D131E2

exit on the D131E2

At the crossroads, turn right onto the D131E2 and follow it, you are 500 m from your starting point

Points of interest

Eglise Saint-Laurent

Saint-Laurent Church

Pigeonnier & puits

Dovecote & well