Roller rides: The port of Arès

Distance: 4 km
Duration: 1h
Difficulty : Very easy
with wheels
Duration: 1h15
Difficulty : Easy
Elevation: 30 D +
Departure: ARES
Yellow and red (GRP®)
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You will appreciate the Ostréicole Port of Arès and its row of blue, yellow and green oyster huts. Everyone in their own way has a good time there. Gourmets, you can enjoy one of the restaurants, installed on the port for the summer. If you prefer to taste oysters and other shellfish from the Bassin d'Arcachon, stop for a few moments in one of the huts that make up delicious seafood platters.

The Balades à Roulettes® (BR®) are short, quiet walks, with a stroller or a small bicycle, or adapted for people with reduced mobility (in a wheelchair), offered by the French Hiking Federation of the Gironde.

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From the car park, go to the Bassin d'Arcachon, taking the sidewalk to the right of the road, then turn right on the gravel path, then gravel to its end. Continue on the right at the side of the road until the intersection with rue du Port Ostréicole. Turn left and head down the dead end road leading to the fishermen's huts.​


Go all the way and turn around.​