Roller ride: Parc des étangs de Floirac

Distance: 0,75 km
Duration: 10 mn
Difficulty : Very easy
with wheels
Duration: 15 mn
Difficulty : Easy
Elevation: 3 D +
Departure: FLOIRAC
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)
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Extending over 3 hectares (including 2 hectares occupied by the pond), this park is a privileged space for walking and relaxation. Public benches, belvederes and observatories are installed.
Accessible to the general public, they allow you to take time, and height, to admire the setting. Only the western pontoons and cabins are strictly reserved for fishermen who store their equipment there. Possibility of fishing with the Floiracais reed card.
Presence of benches, picnic table, refreshments, disabled toilets.

The Balades à Roulettes® (BR®) are short, quiet walks, with a stroller or a small bicycle, or adapted for people with reduced mobility (in a wheelchair), offered by the French Hiking Federation of the Gironde.

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From the park entrance, head towards the lake and take the track on the left. Go around the pond to the Dunoyer entrance.


See the pedestrian / bicycle path on the old railway line, then return and continue around the pond.