Loop of the Mills

Distance: 16 km
Duration: 4h
Difficulty : Easy
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The massive silhouette of the windmills accompanies you throughout the hike. A beautiful hike that is offered to you, with diversified and relaxing landscapes where the plots of vines compose with the meadows and the woods.
You will discover Civrac de Blaye, which reveals a charming XNUMXth and XNUMXth century church with its framework in the hull of an upturned boat. Small charming roads criss-cross the countryside along which windmills emerge in the distance.
Saint Savin, offers you a beautiful view at the Moulin de Guérin over the surrounding countryside. To discover on the path the church which contains a large surface of painted decoration as well as a magnificent fresco, restored. We advise you to make a short detour to Place de la Liberation to observe the old courthouse.

Your itinerary



Exit the car park and cross diagonally to the left and take the direction of Les Robins at the virgin column. At the crow's feet continue to the right then go down the grassy path to the left. At the end turn left and join the D135. Then turn left then right towards La Chaume. Follow for 550m then take the dirt road on the left.

Step 2

Arrival at the paved road, continue on the left. At the crossroads, continue opposite and turn to the first road on the right. Along the vines. At the edge of the small wood turn left and follow to the paved road. Turn right then take the dirt road on the left. Follow the signs in the vineyards.

Step 3

Arrived at Guiet, take the paved road to the left until the intersection. Take the D18 on the left for 120m then turn left towards the Moulin de Guérin. Go back down the stony path to the right. Take the D18 again on the left to the roundabout. Continue in the village towards Blaye, as far as the church. At the end of the street the Palais de Justice.

Step 4

Turn left towards Pugnac. Just after passing the stadium, turn right. Stay on the left at the crow's feet. After 300m take the dirt road on the left. Follow for 1,700km to a place called Les Faures. Then turn right on the grassy path between the fields. View of the mill in Mercier. At the crossroads continue straight on towards La Tonnelle. Mill on the right. At the end, turn left and continue straight to Berlands. At the bus shelter, continue on the left, and turn right after the hamlet. Join the D23.

Step 5

Cross diagonally to the right and take the road in the undergrowth. Follow for 550m then fork on the grassy path to the right in the bend. Follow the path to the paved road. Turn left. Arrived at the paved road, turn left. At the intersection join the village of Civrac on the left.

Step 6

After the castle, turn left into the town hall park, follow the signs behind the cemetery. Cross diagonally to the left then follow the hedge to the stadium.

Points of interest