Dordogne loop

Distance: 6,3 km
Duration: 2h10
Difficulty : Easy
Elevation: 134 D +
Departure: BRANNE
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)
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This pleasant walk allows you to discover the beauty of the banks of the Dordogne and the built heritage of the town.

Your itinerary



Park in the Town Hall car park, Place du 11 Novembre 1018. With your back to the town hall, follow Avenue du 8 Mai 1945, heading south, pass in front of the Caisse d'Épargne and, at the corner of the Maison de la Presse, turn left. Cross the pedestrian crossing of Rue Emmanuel Roy and go left. At the bakery, turn right.

Step 1

At the cross, take the road to the right, pass in front of the cemetery. Inside the cemetery, there is a very curious cross dating from the XNUMXth century. Reach a dead end arrow holder/sign.

Step 2

Turn left towards the place called L'Evangile. At the stop sign (be careful D19, be careful), cross the road to continue opposite (no entry for cars). At the next crossroads, go left on Chemin de la Tannerie. Reach house number 61.

Step 3

After house number 61, turn right on the gravel path and climb towards the hillside. At the bend, continue straight on the dirt road. Cross the wood then turn left to follow the meadow and the vineyard on the left (direction North-East). The path heads off to the left and joins a paved road. At the road, turn left. At the second beacon, before Lagut, turn left to enter the wood. Watch out for the slope. Arrived at the road, turn left then go up the first road on the right. As you go up, there is a covered fountain on the right.

Step 4

At the cross, head left on the small path between the houses. At the shed, go down for about twenty meters. Continue to go down to the technical room of the town hall of Branne. At the paved road, take the road to the right (Rue de Lillot) to arrive in front of the Tourist Office. Cross the road and turn towards the river.

Step 5

Take the quays of Dr Antoine to follow the Dordogne. At the end of the quays, take Rue Matteau to go up towards La Halle. At the end of the street, turn right, then right again to take Rue du Port Leyron. At the Barraud vineyard, cross the bridge. Arrived on the road, go up, opposite, in the village.

Step 6

At the car park, turn right. On leaving the village, take the dirt road that goes up to the left, into the woods. Magnificent point of view on the Dordogne. Go along the palombière, arrive on vines. Reach the corner of the first parcel.

Step 7

Deviate to the left between the metal pylon and the EDF pole to borrow the wood. Follow the path to the road. Arrived at the paved road, turn left. Find the point (6). Turn right, pass the intersection and follow Rue Port Leyron. At the end of the street, turn right to return to the Town Hall car park.

Points of interest

Croix de cimetière

Cross cemetery

Église Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne church