Loop from Pinson to Saint-André-et-Appelles

Distance: 5,4 km
Duration: 1h40
Difficulty : Easy
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This circuit allows you to take the rural paths cleared and maintained by the association of volunteers "Chemins et Patrimoines Andrésiens". These roads had been abandoned due to the consolidation and the disappearance of small farms. The circuit follows sunken paths, located below the level of the surrounding land, and the finch path, also known as the lovers path.
The topo-guide is available at the Tourist Office.

Your itinerary


Church of Saint Andrew and Appelles

The departure is from the church of Saint André et Appelles which dates from the XNUMXth century.

Village of the Chaplains

Go along the cemetery. After the tomb, take the rural path to the right and continue to the first houses. Turn left into the deep path (sinked) and turn right at the end of the path. You arrive in the village of Les Chaplains. There is a washhouse on your right, about 500m away, which was built in the XNUMXth century, the site is pleasant in summer. It is near a fountain (unprotected) from which springs the spring that feeds it.

Pinson's path

Take the rural path called "pinson" on the left. At the bottom of the path, follow the road opposite for 100 meters.

Sandeaux Creek

Take the path to the right and cross the bridge over the Sandeaux stream.

Up the path

At the top of the path, arriving on the road, turn right.

Between houses

Cross the road and take the small road opposite which passes between the houses.

Cross the road.

Cross the road.

At the cross.

At the cross, turn left towards the church (starting point).

Points of interest