From the river to the Châteaux: Saint-Laurent du Médoc

Distance: 14,2 km
Duration: 3h45
Difficulty : Easy
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)
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The territory of Saint-Laurent-Médoc is mainly located in that of the Haut-Médoc appellation. This route takes you through woods and vineyards along the water for a very nice walk.
The topoguide map is available at the Tourist Office.

Your itinerary


Square 8 May 1945

Leave Place du 8 Mai 1945 and turn left into rue des Fontaines.

Green belt

Take the "green belt" to the right and pass in front of the allotment gardens while continuing to the right towards the RD.


Follow the developed track to the left and pass under the “boviduc” (old ox-gate). At the end of this track, cross the small bridge of the Horte and turn immediately to the left, on the engraved track.

Lock of "Terre Feu"

400m further, at the green lock of “Terre Feu”, continue to the right for 1 km.

Duck Bridge

At the crossroads of the “Pont du canard”, turn left to walk along the channel of the marshes for 1 km.

Green lock

At the green lock, turn left to the small bridge, cross it, then climb a slight hill.

Château de Camensac

At the crossroads of the two stones on the left path, you will approach CAMENSAC and enjoy the view of La TOUR CARNET.

Railway Bridge

Then retrace your steps to the two stones to reach the railway bridge opposite. Cross this bridge and walk on the left 150m. At the oak, turn right.

Château Belgrave

Pass the water point and continue straight towards the cellars. Walk in front of BELGRAVE and pass between the warehouses and the workers' houses. After the stream ---- and the Château Lagrange (which you see on your right), join the departmental road and turn left, walking on the side towards the railway line.

Larose Trintaudon

Immediately after the level crossing, turn right towards the old station. At 1,5 km, in the prohibited direction, turn left. You will discover the ruins of Perganson and enjoy a view of LAROSE TRINTAUDON.


At the exit of the RD206, keep left. Walk 100m on the low side, cross the RD206 and take the tarmac road opposite.

Chateau Cach

At the next intersection, you will see CACH in the distance on the right and head left in front of TOUR SIEUJEAN.

Château Tour Sieujean

Cross the RD206 again and take the road opposite towards Bouscat. Go straight down for 900m. After a mill on the left, pass in front of Le BOUSCAT and further down you will appreciate BARATEAU.

Chateau Barateau

At the give way, cross the departmental, go left and go 300m.

Direction Lamothe / Le Vivey

Facing the BARATEAU gate, turn right towards Lamothe / Le Vivey, continue for 700m.

End of course: Place du 8 mai 1945

Join the track, the boviduc then the place du 8 Mai 1945.

Points of interest

Château Tour Carnet

Chateau Tour Notebook

Château Tour Sieujan

Castle Tower Sieujan

Château Barateau

Chateau Barateau