Circuit from La Tour to Les-Lèves-et-Thoumeyragues

Distance: 12 km
Duration: 3h30
Difficulty : Average
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Between vineyards and hillsides, the circuit travels over part of the town and takes you to discover its wealth. Marked by a strong agricultural culture, the commune of Lèves-et-Thoumeyragues is one of the largest in the Pays Foyen. Throughout the hike, mills, wine châteaux and churches complement each other to provide a charming setting for hikers in a natural and equally varied setting.
Two other circuits in the town: Circuit of the Château de La Beauze (7,5kms - gray markings) and circuit of the 3 cantons (22kms - yellow markings).

Your itinerary


Town hall

The departure is from the Town Hall. Take the path on your left which runs alongside the school and which climbs up the hillsides. At the top turn right, at the next intersection turn right and go down to find yourself on a small road that you take to the left to reach the Peyrail. After crossing it, continue straight on until you reach the isolated house and enter the undergrowth. At the end of the path turn right to find a small road that you cross to take the path that runs alongside the plum trees and at the end of the plot, turn left between vines and plum trees to arrive at Les Caris. Pass between the two houses to reach the place called La Grand Croix. Be careful to cross the D 672. Go to the crossroads, turn left in the direction of Landerrouat and keep your left in the direction of Mongenant.

Undergrowth and vines

Once on the rural road, continue straight on until you reach Chemin de Billouquet. Take this one on the right until the undergrowth and at the first intersection turn left (small bridge); climb to the lower corner of the vineyard; turn right and walk along it to the end of the plot; take the deep path to the left to finally arrive at the hamlet of "La Tour". Turn left and keep left to take the rural road to La Tour. Be careful because part of the path runs alongside a pond and then you take the road in the extension to find another pond after which you turn right to take the path of "Sivadons buty". At the end of it, turn left on the path in the woods to arrive at the hamlet "Les Sivadons" passing between two houses then take the road up. At the crossroads go straight on then take the first alley on the left; go down to the bottom of the vines then turn left between the two oaks. Go down to the bottom of the vineyard, turn right, walk along a hedge to the left before entering the undergrowth. At the end of it, cross the "Billouquet" bridge and go up to the tarmac path.

"La Beauze"

Turn right to reach the D 672 at "Mariotte". Be careful to take the path opposite and go up to the house of "Golden Wood"; take the path to the right which descends to the D 672 and before it take the path to the left which overlooks the two houses to reach "La Beauze"; then at the departmental road, turn right then left to reach the town and the town hall.

Points of interest