Circuit of La Peyrute from Port-Sainte-Foy-et-Ponchapt

Distance: 5,5 km
Duration: 1h50
Difficulty : Average
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Port Sainte-Foy et Ponchapt is a rural town historically linked to the Dordogne but which is rapidly urbanizing in the valley. The slopes are still wine-growing with the Montravel appellation.
The La Peyrute circuit offers a very rich and diversified palette of landscapes. The quays and the towpath allow you to discover the varied flora and fauna: fish on the surface of the water, swans, moorhens, herons ...
Planted on the edges of the rocks, the Moulin de la Ferraille remains a truly exceptional point of view over the entire valley. The seasons color this whole area beautifully.

Your itinerary


Museum of Shipbuilding

Departure is in front of the Maison du Fleuve - Musée de la Batellerie, on the quays. The car park is very close: rue Jasmin, in front of the church. Follow the towpath passing the Larmane castle, the St Joseph retirement home, to the John Bost foundation, installed in the premises of a former agricultural colony - a XNUMXth century prison centre. Turn left and go up the "rue du passeur" to the departmental road.

Feraille Mill

About ten meters to the left begins the path leading to the Moulin de la Ferraille planted up there, on the edges of the rocks. Be careful, the slope is steep! When you reach the top, walk 50m to your left to enjoy the exceptional panorama. Then continue your walk to the Pasquon house by the road.

Botanical trail

Follow this road north for about 400m (bend). Turn left then go straight on the path behind the big farm. You are on the botanical trail set up by the children of the Municipal Children's Council. You will be able to discover the nature and the rural history of the trees, shrubs, plants of our plant heritage.

Path known as quarries

At the exit of the wood, you arrive on a small road; turn left. Arrived at the crossroads of the RD708, take the short passage to the left then the road going up for a hundred meters and turn right on the path called quarries which will bring you back to the edge of the rocks.

Small village of Tizac

Go down the steep passage, continue your descent to the RD708 (Watch out for traffic !!!) and finish arriving at the small village of Tizac nestled at the foot of the hill. Continue straight on to Chemin du Luc.

Rue du Moulin

Then turn left and follow this road until the crossroads with the RD708. Continue straight on rue du Moulin and turn right, rue des fleurs which will bring you back to the town center and via rue Notre Dame, to the Maison du Fleuve, to your starting point.

Points of interest