Blasimon Local Loop

Distance: 6 km
Duration: 1h40
Difficulty : Easy
Departure: BLASIMON
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Discover a bastide in the heart of Entre-deux-Mers. Perched on the top of a hill overlooking the valley of the Gamage, a tributary of the Dordogne, the town of Blasimon is renowned for its Benedictine abbey with its marvelous portal, a jewel of Romanesque sculpture. It is also famous for its village, a bastide built in the Middle Ages. The village was established at the crossroads of several rivers: the Gamage, the Treynem, the Dondaine and the Sainte-Catherine. Six water mills, which remain in the landscape, testify to an important rural activity. The Departmental Domain of Blasimon, vast of 50 hectares, offers a hilly and wooded environment.

Your itinerary



Departure from the central place of Blasimon, follow the rue de la Caborne then go around the cooperative cellar on the left

Pontet stream

At the bottom of the cellar turn right on the D17

Big Man Direction

Go left towards Rauzan, you go around the old Benedictine abbey and go up the hill

Domain of Great Man

After the abbey take the first road on the right. Keep the same road after crossing the hamlet of Tinton


At the top of the hill, when the road descends, take the limestone path on your left. To the right of the road at the top of the embankment is an old family vault

Exit from the wood

At the very end of the path, after going along the two woods, turn left into the alley of vines and follow it to the D127


Turn right on the road for 400 m

Walk in the vineyards

Go left on the first small paved road that goes into the woods

Management Tinton

After crossing the bridge over the stream, take the path to your left and follow the stream to the lake


Cross the stream between the campsite and the lake then progress along the swimming area

Blasimon Abbey

At the end of the lake, cross the bridge then follow the stream to reach the small road that returns to the abbey. Note in passing one of the many fortified water mills typical of the region

Wine cooperative

Go back next to the abbey and follow the outward route to go back to town

Step 13

At the level of the wine cellar, take the first street on the right and return to the place de la bastide

Points of interest

Moulin de Labarthe

Labarthe Mill

Abbaye de Blasimon

Blasimon Abbey

Bastide de Blasimon

Bastide of Blasimon

Moulin de La Borie

Mill of La Borie