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Blaye-Lac de Saint-Christoly cycling loop

Distance: 44 km
by bike
Duration: 2h30
Difficulty : Average
Elevation: 152 D +
Departure: BLAYE
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A bike ride along shared lanes in the heart of the countryside. And at the end... the Moulin Blanc lakes leisure area with tree climbing, supervised beach, games for children, nautical and equestrian activities and all year round, restaurant, picnic tables, fishing, bowling alley.

Your itinerary


The start

Departure from the Porte Dauphine of the citadel located in the city center. Take the cycle path towards Etauliers (white pebble path on the old railway line). At the give way, straight on the cycle path towards Etauliers. At the 2nd give way turn right towards Les Cabernets. Be careful you leave the cycle path! At the stop straight and at the 2nd stop straight towards Mazerolles.

Saint Paul

You pass in front of Château Bonnange and straight on until the stop sign. At the stop sign go straight towards Le Bosc. At the stop sign turn left towards Château Maine Tigreau. Once in the village of Saint-Paul, you arrive at an intersection near the statue. At this intersection, turn right.


Attention ! You will take a very busy road. At the stop sign turn right towards Berson then immediately turn left towards Grela. Follow the road to a place called La Canauderie then to the next T intersection. At this intersection turn right towards D137E2 PRO then turn immediately left.


At the crossroads turn left then turn left again. Go to the bridge and take it (it will be on your left). At the give way go straight and once you have passed the town hall (on your right) go straight towards Saint-Savin.

The Erits

Be careful, you are going to take a dangerous bend which turns right. Turn immediately left towards Aux Noyers. You will cross the places called Les Erits, Near Nauves, Bernard. At the stop sign turn left then turn right towards La Gare. At the next stop sign turn right then turn left.

The Moulin Blanc lakes

At the stop sign, turn left towards Lacs du Moulin Blanc. At the stop sign, turn right towards Lacs du Moulin Blanc. Take the bridge straight ahead. When you cross the bridge that crosses over the A10 motorway, you are at the Lacs du Moulin Blanc leisure area.

Back to Blaye

For the return you can take the same route in the opposite direction or follow the one we recommend. Please note that one of the portions is a forest path! You must leave the Lacs du Moulin Blanc by taking the bridge that crosses over the A10 motorway. At the stop sign at the bottom of the bridge turn right.


At the stop sign turn right then take the first left towards Les Cabanes. Turn left towards PISTE N°9. After taking the Pont de Paulette, turn right then turn the first left. 16 direction Générac for about 1km. Leave the track by turning left on the road then take the first right. At a place called L'Aiguille at the stop sign, turn right. In Coudurat at the stop sign turn right.

Saint-Girons d'Aiguevives

At the crow's feet turn left. Turn first left. At a place called Les Drouillards turn right then immediately left. Turn first left. Turn left then immediately right. Turn right and once in a place called Pinet always turn right.

The boot

At the stop sign turn left. Be careful, you are on a very busy road and you are turning in a dangerous bend! At the roundabout, go straight ahead towards Mazion. At a place called Saint-Aulaye, take the second left.


Turn right then left towards the church of Mazion. At the stop sign turn left. At the stop sign turn left then immediately right towards Saint-Genés. Be careful, this road is very busy and the crossroads is dangerous!


Once in front of the church of Saint-Seurin de Cursac you will see the signs indicating the cycle path: take the direction of Blaye. After the bridge, take the cycle path on your left towards Blaye to the town centre. You arrive at the foot of the Porte Dauphine, the pedestrian entrance to the citadel, in front of the tourist office.

Points of interest

Domaine de loisirs des lacs du moulin blanc

Leisure area of ​​the white mill lakes

Ferme pédagogique des lamas de Brandacot

Educational farm of the Brandacot lamas