One-woman-show “How to marry a billionaire”

Le March 31, 2023

Cultural space La Forge, 33640 PORTETS

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Unique in its genre, this show is a bit of the who's who of international hyper-wealth aimed at young girls to be married. Because yes, marriage is a privileged way to fight against inequalities! At least, that's the starting point for Giorgia, a candid actress preparing to marry a real billionaire. Throughout his speech, the names parade, the figures fly away, the contrasts shock.
We laugh out loud (or yellow) when the indecency spreads unvarnished. Supported with rigor and documentation, funny and grating, this show is an essential lesson in economic intelligence.
Since its creation in 2008, things have accelerated: the number of billionaires has increased from 793 to 2043, they now own 50% of the world's wealth. One of them even became President of the first world power. That's crazy !


March 31th, 2023
FridayFrom 20 noon


Full price €20
Reduced price 10 € - 15 €