The Allée des Arts exhibits Aurore Lephilipponnat

Allée de la Poudrière, 33390 BLAYE

the Allée des Arts presents 16 works by Aurore Lephilipponnat presenting a set of drawings made digitally as part of the publication of her book "We are all families". Exhibited along the Allée des Soupir until the end of February, the metal totems housing the artist's works will then join the citadel until July 30.
The City of Blaye and EDF (New Aquitaine and central Blayais), with the support of the European Leader program, have created the Allée des Arts, a means of discovering an artist, a collection or a selection of works. The exhibition supports, which took the form of barge sails, are designed to accommodate exhibitions by local artists, showing the creative abundance of our territory and presentations of collections in partnership with the major national museums.