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Special twilight outing for moths at Terres d'Oiseaux

Le August 18, 2023

Terres d'Oiseaux, 33820 BRAUD-ET-SAINT-LOUIS

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If you are told outdoor session, nightfall, and a large white sheet, what does that mean to you?
A hint: the main actors will be the moths!
Thanks to the wise advice and passion of our host Camille (our LEPIDOPTERIST in chief!), you will discover much more than you can imagine!
In the heart of the Terres d'Oiseaux park, take advantage of the calm of the night to capture the beating of the wings of these graceful travelers.


The August 18 2023
Friday 21:00 to 23:00


8 € per adult, 6 € per child (from 7 years old)

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