Castle of Vayres

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This castle (site registered in 1945) is the old fortress which belonged to the Albrets and which was given as a dowry by Charlotte d'Albret to César Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI. The future Henri IV sold it in ruins in 1583. It was the architect Louis de Foix, builder of the Cordouan lighthouse, who seems to have directed major development work there at the end of the 2002th century. A rich carved decoration of Mannerist inspiration was added in particular. The facade facing the Dordogne was modified in the 2001th century by the construction in particular of a large central pavilion and a monumental staircase with double revolution giving access to the garden (listed as a Historic Monument in 2000). A large part of the castle is classified as a Historic Monument (XNUMX), the rest is listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments (XNUMX).

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