Cultural activity

Tèrra Aventura: Ziclou of the rails in Lacanau

Thanks to a 15 kilometer bike course, original puzzles allow you to know everything about the beautiful seaside resort of Lacanau. An experience between forest, lake and ocean on secure cycle paths accessible to all.
Tèrra Aventura is an original walk, a treasure hunt of a few kilometers that allows you to discover the territory, the local heritage and anecdotes, while playing.
Equipped with the free “Tèrra Aventura” smartphone application, the family is ready for adventure! With clues to find, puzzles to solve and treasure to look for, young and old choose to explore the playground they want... with the excitement of finding the holy grail: the Poï'z.

To discover


Lacanau lake


Pratical information

  • Duration of the session: 3h min

Cultural activities

  • Geocaching

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