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Tèrra Aventura in Créon and La Sauve: Let's create, it's time!


With Tèrra Aventura, equipped with the 100% free application, set off on an adventure to Créon and La Sauve, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and let yourself be surprised by unexpected discoveries during a treasure hunt that is for everyone. This course is specific, it is a Ziclou in the countryside, it is only practiced by bicycle. Rental possible at the start of the route at the Créon Bike Station. Boxes, called "caches", are hidden in nature. The goal ? Discover their locations and the treasures they contain! To flush them out, it's simple. Choose a route, let yourself be guided, answer the riddles and you're done!





  • Bike rental
  • Wi-Fi

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  • Geocaching

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