Balneotherapy, Swimming pool

Swimming pool and Spa of Gujan-Mestras

French, English

Well-being, relaxation, aquatic activities, everything is done, from the architectural design to the choice of materials, from the scenography to the choice of the location of the equipment, so that the 565 m² of covered pools, the outdoor space of 400 m² give complete satisfaction to all users.



Basic rate €6,20 Outdoor adult
Basic rate €5,30 Adult COBAS resident
Basic rate €4,40 outdoor child
Basic rate €3,50 COBAS resident child
Basic rate €12,20 Outdoor adult spa
Basic rate €10,60 COBAS Resident Adult Spa

Payment method

  • Payment cards
  • French bank and postal checks
  • French "Chèques vacances"
  • Cash