Puzzle games

Hunting Town in Bordeaux


Outdoor Escape Game
The new generation Escape Game in Bordeaux!
Roam the streets of the city solving video puzzles throughout the adventure!
A GoPro films your session to keep a great memory of your experience!
Between heritage, discovery, and adrenaline, dive into the heart of Bordeaux to solve all the puzzles in less than an hour!

Escape Game at the Aquitaine Museum
Discover the Aquitaine Museum in a fun and unusual way! Travel through the ages, room by room, riddle by riddle, thanks to our journey in audio escape game format!
Equipped with headsets, a map of the museum and the “temporal receiver” you will be on a secret mission! Complete your objective on a course of approximately 1 hour.
This immersive team game will allow you to visit the museum and learn more about the treasures of the past it preserves!


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